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Partner with a Leader

Today's economy requires companies to invest in solutions that cut costs, drive efficiency and productivity, preserve capital and create competitive advantage. Sybase partners are in a unique position to help clients address these requirements.


Partner Program:

If you have questions regarding the Sybase partner program:
(800) 879-2273 (option 1, 2)

Or visit us at Partner Portal:

To obtain access the Partner Portal:
Contact your Sybase representative, or email us at

Other key partner contacts:
Download Sybase software, patches, updates and setup technical support contacts:
(800) 879-2273 (option 3, 3)

Log a technical support case:
(800) 879-2273 (option 3)

Get part numbers or resale authorization:
Sybase (978) 287-1947
iAnywhere (519) 883-6426

General product information and ordering:
Sybase (800) 879-2273 (option 1, 1)
iAnywhere (800) 801-2069

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